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Inspired by wood, modern style and Dalmatian heritage.

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DaBa Design

Lifelong hobby, unique harmony of unique manufacture, Dalmatian island motifs and love for the development of each individual product is the core mission of our brand.

Connecting modernism and minimalism style we create new products that find their place for the most demanding clients. We're playing with more than one type of material combining metal with wood, wood with glass in order to create a unique product.

Primary love and secondary production of wooden chests for everyone's needs, such as keeping jewelry, gift packages with a variety of fillings, storing toys or simply stationery on your desk. Each product is handmade with details that are the result of extensive work and love of making something new and special.

The inspiration largely comes from old objects which function changes and adapts by time, and yet remain the traditional style.

Murter chest “Baul” received the award for the Croatian island product. It represents small variation of larger chests that was used for various purpose in household, also when the young girls got married for placing the bride dowry, and from there It pulled the name "Baul".

Croatian Island Product
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